Chi siamo


The OSRKKF is set as main objectives the following

1) Diffusion of Okinawa martial arts, karate mainly, and in particular the Shorin Ryu, Kobayashi , Matsubayashi , Shobayashi, Matsumura Seito,
and their lines

2) Provide the evidence available to improve the quality of schools, associations and the teachers and instructors of the styles mentioned above.
3) Promote and conduct, courses, seminars, master classes to train yours members in their respective styles.
4) Check the quality and respect of general and specific guidelines for each style, with advice from the Masters of the OSRKKF.
5) Certify the degrees of the partners, controlling and graduation exams, for Danes, upon request, in accordance with their mothers Schools and Associations. Certify and get diplomas of OSRKKF instructor.
6) To nominate representatives for countries and areas, with the approval of the Council of Masters.


(Main patterns)
The OSRKKF, associated with Danes, instructors and teachers, as well as schools and associations, recognized style, they can demonstrate their knowledge in the martial art they represent, directly to the Diplomas or Certificates that makes them, or by Teachers Associate submit it to the OSRKKF to categorize it by examining his  gradation.
Applicants must be honest citizens, not criminal proceedings, with a high sense of responsibility in the use and dissemination of Martial Arts. Given the possibility that an active member of the OSRKKF, is circumstantially accused and prosecuted for criminal cases may be suspended from OSRKKF, if / as cause / s is pedophilia or drug delivery, will be separated immediately as a preventive measure in final sentence if he shall be no right of appeal expelled  it.
No usufruct may never of OSRKKF name for commercial purposes, or promise in exchange for money rankings. If it is found that misconduct is grounds for immediate expulsion.
The OSRKKF, promote and support training courses, updating the style of coverage, as well as in regard to teacher quality through teacher training courses in areas such as teaching, pedagogy, philosophy, history, anatomy, sports medicine, specific training, etc.
Certification shall be grade and instructors through OSRKKF Diplomas issued by respecting the rankings of their schools and communities, or through the OSRKKF tests carried out at least twice annually.
The rankings are recommended under the following scheme, which specifies the years of practice, qualifying pair instruction, years for some categories

For 1 * Dan a minimum of 5 years practice and 18 years old
2 * Dan at least 7 years of practice and 2 years of 1 * Dan
3 * Dan at least 10 years of practice and 3 years after 2 * Dan
4 * Dan at least 14 years of practice and 4 years 3 * Dan
5 * Dan minimum of 18 years and 4 years of practice 4 * Dan - Renshi qualified instructor, recommend more than 30 years of age
 6 * Dan minimum of 22 years and 4 years of practice 5 * Dan-Qualified instructors instructor, Shihan
7 * Dan at least 27 years and 5 years of practice-Ranked 6 Dan Kyoshi Master class
8 * Dan at least 33 years and 6 years of practice 7 Dan - Ranked second level Master Kyoshi
9 * Dan at least 40 years and 7 years of practice de8 * Dan-Ranked Grand Master Hanshi.
10 * Dan minimum of 48 years and 8 years of practice 9 * Dan, Kancho, O Sensei, Hanshi, head up a school or creator of a style.

Technical Council


Sacaba Santiago  10th  Dan Kobayashi Shorin-ryu Europe (Varese, Italy)




Katsumu Okubo 10th Dan Seishinkyu , Sapporo Japan